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Master Series Clear View Hollow Anal Plug Medium from XR Brands. Take a long hard look into your partners anal depths! The Clear View Hollow Anal Plug is designed to add a kinky visual twist to your usual anal fun. Insert and enjoy looking into you lovers tunnel. The hollow tunnel also gives this plug additional flexibility so your hole can give it a good squeeze without discomfort. Made with firm yet flexible Thermoplastic Elastomers that provides a good anal spread with just the right amount of solidness and pliability. Compatible with water based and silicone based lubricants. Measurements: overall length 4.2 inches, insertion length 3.6 inches, widest insertion diameter 2 inches, inner diameter 1.25 inches. Materials Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE. Color Transparent. Key features: get a Clear view. Take a look into your lovers deepest parts thanks to the hollow design, insert into you partners behind and see their deep dark secrets. Satisfying Backdoor Hollow Fill Plug built with firm yet flexible Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE that is designed for a satisfying anal stretch, perfect for most skill levels looking for a kinky twist to their anal play Comfortable Base: The supple base keeps this hollow butt plug from going too deep, while flexing with the butt cheeks to keep things comfortable during your session. Categories: Anal Toys, Small, Medium Butt Plugs, Sex Toys for Couples, Men’s Cock and Ball Gear. 2023.

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