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PU Faux Leather, Silicone

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Master Series Hellbound Braided Devil Tail Anal Plug from XR Brands. Get ready for a hellishly good time with this sexy Devil Tail! Bring out your inner devil and enjoy some anal fun at the same time The Hell Bound Devil Tail is made of durable braided PU Leather Straps for a unique texture and appearance, making this tail a pleasure to hold and wear! Excellent for couples who love an under world dungeon aesthetic and light anal play. This devil tail is held in place with a petite, velvety butt plug! Lube up with your favorite water based lube equip your booty with a leathery tail to bring out your inner demon to torment and tease your lover. Made with phthalate free, premium Silicone for a body safe premium feel. The tail itself is made with sultry straps of Polyurethane PU leather, breaded into a plush meaty form. At the base of this tail near the butt plug is a solid 10.5 inches section to be used as a handle for you to whip and flog your lover with your new tail! The pitch black Polyurethane PU Leather braids provide a genuine BDSM texture and appearance, perfectly matching leather harnesses, dark lingerie, and kinky masks to fully bring out your dervish appearance! Measurements: Tail + Plug length 42.75 inches, tail length 39.5 inches with a 10.5 inches solid handle, Anal Plug insertion length 2.6 inches, plug widest diameter 1.4 inches. Materials: PU Leather and Silicone. Color Black and Red. Categories: Anal Toys, Small and Medium Butt Plugs, Halloween Costumes, Sex Toys for Couples. 2023.

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